"In-Situ" Maintenance of Rotary Kilns

We provide “in-situ” and real time inspections for precise determination and measurement of absolute roller diameter values, conical geometry across the roller width, possible ovality and discriminations across the circumference, in order to evaluate the dimensional condition of all rotating components of the kiln.

  • Real time measurement inspection as a quality testing tool for the in-situ dimensional restoration of rotary kiln furnace tires and rollers
rotary kiln inspection
Rotary kiln inspection set up
dimensional measurements (6)
In-situ dimensional measurements
  • In-situ and real time machining processes for the dimensional surface restoration of rotating kiln support rollers, kiln tires and thrust tires surfaces
rotary kiln machining
Rotary kiln machining
machinig of tire (3)
Special portable machine tool for the real time machining of thrust roller conical surface / Portable lathe machine using twin-mode cutting tools for the dimensional restoration of the kiln support rollers / Portable belt type grinding tool provides smooth and low roughness machined surfaces