We are "SuperAlloys Engineers"

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The mechanical & metallurgical engineering company with the distinctive title “SuperAlloys Engineering” for over 40 years has been innovating in specialized industries producing precision products, machinery and devices to support the heavy power generation industry, refineries, cement industry, mining industry, metallurgy, marine & shipbuilding, defense sector, medical equipment industry and food & packaging materials industries.

Our main innovation lies in “in-situ” mechanical and metallurgical activity. That is, the “on-site” and urgent execution, construction and/or fabrication of components, with the aim of improving production performance, repairing extensive damage and mechanical maintenance while adhering to strict schedules and industrial safety rules.  

The company’s philosophy is based on offering innovation and technical support to its customers before and after the sale, helping to increase efficiency and reduce production and maintenance costs in heavy industry factories. Using modern design techniques, studying new applications and developing advanced materials with deposition and powder metallurgy technologies, “SuperAlloys Engineering” is the ideal partner to fight intense wear rates due to friction, corrosion and surface degradation caused by high temperatures in components and machines increasing their lifetime operation by manufacturing new, more durable components from metals, metal alloys, ceramics and carbides.

Due to the particular specialization and know-how, we have been developed at an international level, and after first conquering the market of the Greek territory, the company’s outward-looking activity in the wider region of the Balkan & Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia is very strong.

At SuperAlloys we envision and believe in the power of sustainability. That’s why we inspire organisations and businesses to focus on sustainable solutions, providing them with all the necessary consulting support for a zero carbon footprint. Our approach includes an assessment of the emissions produced by the organisation, as well as proposals to offset emissions equivalent to the organisation’s annual total footprint.


The innovative activity for more than 40 years, is the main factor which established SuperAlloys Engineering Company as one of the main “in-situ” experts in the field of hardfacing and machining projects under urgent mechaninal maintenance conditions. By developing, manufacturing and implementing smart and customized portable precision machine tools & hardfacing manipulators, difficult and demanding maintenance problems can be solved “in-situ” and “real-time”. We implement quality management systems and we are certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, while in recent years we have participated in a number of industrial Research & Development programs, with collaborative research groups of Universities and Institutes in Greece and abroad, registering proprietary devices and new materials being developed.

ISO Certified

SuperAlloys Engineering is certified with the ISO 9001:2015 standard, ensuring our quality management systems. A  management system which enables SuperAlloys to be precisely tailored to meet the specific needs and specifications of the customers and fosters continuous improvement of processes based on the application of objective monitoring and measurement mechanisms, and therefore the upgrading of the company’s processes to produce added value.

Where you can find us

For further information of who we are and what we can do, meet the mechanical & metallurgical engineering company KEHAGIAS V. & L., with the distinctive title “SuperAlloys Engineering”, at our two privately owned industrial facilities in the Industrial Area of Sindos and Kalochori, Thessaloniki.


10 Stadiou str.
P.O.Box 1337, Kalochori
57009 Thessaloniki, Greece


O.T. 56 – Sindos main road
Sindos Industrial Area
57022 Thessaloniki, Greece