"In-Situ" Hardfacing Manipulators

The term “In-Situ” refers to the fuciton of regeneration and production advanced material property spare parts using:

  • Hardfacing & Cladding
  • Machining & Measuring

processes, taken place “on site” where the machines are installed and operating real-time, using special portable machine tools.

The innovative activity for more than 40 years, is the main factor which established SuperAlloys Engineering company, as one of the main “in-situ” experts in the field of hardfacing and machining projects under urgent mechanical maintenance conditions. By developing, manufacturing and implementing smart and customized portable precision machine tools & hardfacing manipulators, difficult and demanding maintenance problems can be solved “in-situ” and “real time”.

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Our ability to work "in-situ" and adapt our equipment to our customers' needs is what sets us apart in the machining industry
"IN-SITU" Hardfacing Deposition & Welding Manipulators
"In-Situ" hardfacing deposition and welding manipulator
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"In-situ" hardfacing of roller
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"In-situ" preparation of roller for hardfacing
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"In-situ" hardfacing of mill table
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"In-situ" hardfacing