Port industry

Using our many years of experience, know-how, state of the art 3D design methods and advanced coating & sintering production techniques, SuperAlloys is focused in providing advanced solutions in marine industry by developing and manufacturing particulate and customized spare parts with high performance properties.

SuperAlloys is an innovative company offering since 1976 top of the line industrial solutions for maintenance and improved performance production systems.

Innovation and after sales customer support is our philosophy in order to increase operating performance, by reducing production and maintenance cost.

With machining or/and cladding special process SuperAlloys Engineering is the perfect partner in fighting or improving surface degradation of components and industrial equipment, against abrasion, erosion, corrosion and high temperatures.

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Manufacturing of Screw Feeder Conveyor for:
In the field of emergency maintenance engineering, SuperAlloys is activated worldwide in the development of patented & complex portable machining tools & devices, for “in-situ” machining, cutting & cladding urgent industrial projects. Our patented automated gouging head S-810 is using continuous feed of arc carbon cutting electrodes 10-16mm type providing the possibility of cutting in high rates and automatically metal plates and components for various applications like ship scrapping, demolition and recycling. The gouging head S-810 is moving through a remote controlled manipullation system in a x-y trajectory by feeding the cutting carbon electrode into the base metal material at certain directions and at various angles.