Marine industry

Superalloys Engineering is an innovative company with “top of the line” solutions in marine industry. The company operates a fully equipped mechanical workshop, specialized in the manufacturing of high quality industrial spare parts and machine element components for internal combustion engines. Babbit plain thin wall bearings & bushes – standard, oversized or undersized -coated and overlayed with white metal, aluminum and copper based alloys constitute trimetallic (with Cu based interlayer) or bimetallic structures providing ultimate low friction coefficient performance during engine operation.
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Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBCs) for internal combustion engine valves, cylinder heads and mechanical seals with plasma spray ceramics (Zr02-Y203, Cr203, SiOu, Al203-Ti02).

Application Area

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Trimetallic or Bimetallic standard, oversized or undersized bearings


marine equipment
Manufacturing of custom made mechanical spare parts using low friction Zn-Al and Cu-Ni based superalloys with particulate physical properties.

Since 2003 the activity was also focused on urgent maintenance services with out patented in-situ portable machine tools, in order to provide precision machining on crank pins and main journals of crankshafts.

SuperAlloys Engineering provides full service support, in-situ repair including the customized spare parts manufacturing under any conditions urgent or not, anytime and all aroung the globe.