SuperAlloys Engineering is an innovative company that offers integrated industrial services with top of the line solutions. The company operates more than 38 years a fully equipped -certificated with ISO 9001:2015- mechanical workshop and it is specialized in manufacturing customized, high tech, industrial spare parts with protective coatings & advanced materials for every requirement for Power Generation Plants, Cement Plants and Refineries. Innovation and after sales customer support is our philosophy in order to increase operating production performance, by reducing production or/and maintenance cost.

SuperAlloys Engineering is also focusing on urgent maintenance conditions & “in situ” machining processes. By developing & manufacturing cus tomized portable manipulators and high precision machine tools and provides the most reliable solutions for “in-situ” hardfacing and machining projects. Using the above-mentioned techniques, serious maintenance and reliability costs can be improved significantly, in terms of increasing the production operation performance and down time of Heavy Industry sector.


Products & Services

– Robotic systems and manipulators for special
machining and welding applications, smart processes
and medical applications. Combined “in-situ” precision
machining, cladding & hardfacing.

– Manufacturing of high efficiency spare parts like
valves, plungers, seats, mechanical seals, shafts,
sleeves and impellers for pumps, compressors, turbine
rotor, crank shafts with superalloys like Stellite,
Hastelloy, Incolloy, Inconel and Monel.

– Mechanical engineering services in the field of repair,
maintenance and lifetime prolongation of spare parts
and equipment, using advanced manufacturing
methods and improved material performance.


– High quality industrial measurement services,
“in-situ” and “real-time” to provide
cost effective services. Pro-active maintenance services in terms of high precision
laser technics in combination with vibration
analysis and dynamic balancing.

– Hardfacing regeneration of rollers, grinding
tables and high-pressure rolls for vertical
mills and crushers, in the workshop or
“in-situ” where customer’s equipment is
installed & operates.